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Experience Dentistry features the following solutions for dental professionals:

More dental practices are moving toward technology and the accumulation of patient information in a digital format. This means that our ability to more efficiently and effectively communicate with patients and other practitioners is now possible. The real benefits are realized only when we use this information to communicate needs to our patients in a matter that is clear, secure and current. Our goal as health care providers is to help our patients to a healthier state.

The problems associated with specialty consultations can be a thing of the past with Experience Dentistry ®

  • More Patients for your practice
  • More Efficient treatment planning
  • More Referrals For your Practice
  • Clipboard for your Digital Charts

Experience Dentistry is now offering 2 great solutions to improve case acceptance and practice productivity:


  • Secure Patient Referrals
  • Treatment Planning
  • Patient Access
  • Unlimited Data Storage


All the features of Express and access to our:

  • Treatment Letter Generator
  • Resource Management
  • Reporting Tools

Access for your patients and referral partners receiving data is FREE!

Your patients trust you to safeguard their records. Why wait? Sign up now at: